optical cable production line

optical cable production line

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Hefei Tongding Optical-electronics technology company


China electronics technology group corporation NO.8 research institute, a national owned corporation . And established in 1970 and is the first unit engaging in the research, popularization and application of optical fiber and cable transmission technology. In China, We are the largest Manufacturer which offered optical cable machine, more than 80 percent of companies bought our products , and exported our products many times. so I recommend our products for you. The following are our products:
Optical cable manufacturing machinery:
1.optical fiber colouring and rewinding equipment
2.optical fiber ring marker equipment
3.optical fiber ribbon line
4.optical fiber secondary coating line
5.optical fiber ribbon secondary coating products line
6.FJO1 aramid yarns stranding equipment
7.Tight optical fiber and premise optical cable production line
8.SZ stranding line
9.central secondary coating tube steel wire stranding line
10.OPGW production line
11.stainless steel micro tube laser welding line (OPGW optical unit)
12.optical fiber cable sheathing line
13.automobile cable production line
14.high temperature wire production line
15.power cable production line 16.copper wires drawing line
Of course , We also produce all type of optical cable, including:
1. general optical cable: central lube, layer-standing, ribbon optical cable
2.submarine optical cable , shallow water optical cable, submarine cable splice box
4.flame retardant optical cable
5.soft optical cable
6.non-metal optical cable
7.8 figure self-supporting cable, dragging optical cable
8.mouse and termite proof optical cable

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