Optical fiber cable joint box6

Optical fiber cable joint box6

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Cable connection box is two or more cable connected together, connecting part and has protective components, must be used in the construction of optical cable line, and is one of the important equipment, the quality of cable joint box directly affects the cable line quality and the service life of the cable line.
Cables are the popular name, called the cable connecting box, also known as optical fiber cable connector package, package and barrel. The utility model relates to a mechanical pressure sealing joint system, which provides a continuous protective device for the continuity of optical, sealing and mechanical strength between adjacent optical cables. The utility model is mainly suitable for the direct and the branch connection of the aerial, the pipeline and the direct burying, which are suitable for various structural optical cables.
The box body adopts imported reinforced plastic, which has high strength and corrosion resistance. The terminal box is suitable for splicing in the terminal room of the structural optical cable. The structure is mature, the sealing is reliable, and the construction is convenient. Widely used in communications, network systems, CATV, cable television, fiber optic network systems, and so on.
For the protection of the cable connection between two or more, fiber distribution, user access point is one of the commonly used equipment, mainly to complete the connection wiring cable and cable home line outside, and according to the need to install FTTX access or simply when the splitter box;
Product characteristics
The product box is made of high quality engineering plastics.
Products using 2 pressure cable technology, ensure the box without additional attenuation of optical fiber.
The product has many functions of reuse and expansion.
Technical characteristics
Size: height 430mm, inner diameter 135mm, Max outside diameter 210mm
? cable hole neck: Phi 20mm
Single disk core number: 12/24
? maximum melt Pan: minimum capacity 4 cores, maximum capacity 144 cores
Maximum number: 6 - splice
Tensile seal: 2000N axial tension, no leakage.
? withstand voltage strength: 15KV (DC).
Tensile seal: after the product is inflated, it can withstand the axial tension of 2000N without leakage.
Impact seal: the product can withstand the impact energy 16N*m (Newton * meters) impact three times, the product no cracks, no leakage.
Other performance requirements meet the requirements of YD/T814.1-2004 standard.
Joint classification
1. according to the shape of the structure can be divided into cap type cable connector box and horizontal cable joint box two;
2. overhead pipeline, according to the cable laying mode (tunnel) and direct buried type;
3. according to cable connections for direct connection and differences of two kinds of connection;
4. by sealing with heat shrink seal and mechanical seal.

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