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Optical Plano-convex Cylindrical Lenses

Optical Plano-convex Cylindrical Lenses

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Optical Plano-convex Cylindrical Lenses
*Cylindrical lenses are used to provide focusing power in one section only, For illumination or detection of light from line sources.Also used for anamorphic compression of beams and images.

*Plano-convex cylindrical lenses are useful for line imaging or uni-axial magnification in a wide range of applications. These lenses may be combined with other lenses to form complex imaging systems.

Material: Grade A optical glass or Fused Silica
Dimension Tolerance: +0.0, -0.1mm
Center Thickness Tolerance: ±0.1mm
Paraxial Focal Length: ±2%
Surface quality: 60/40
Clear Aperture: >85%
Surface Figure: /4 @633nm
Centration: 3 arc minutes
Bevel: <0.25mm×45°
Coating: Upon requirement

*Please feel free to contact with us.Your specific requirements will be satisfied in professional service.

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