Outdoor Full Color Led Display Screen

Outdoor Full Color Led Display Screen

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Products function introduction:
1. High intensity and can be adjusted, so can meet the request of the customers according the application environment.
2. Best equality, commendably solve the problem of the mosaic, have the excellent consistency of light
3. To pictures and character, have clear, exquisite and real display effect
4. Big viewing angle to 110 degree at horizontal line, 60 degree at vertical line, you can see at every angle at this range, no picture change, no color excursion
5. Can repair each led lamps, so the cost of maintain is lower, and easy to repair.
* Products Advantages:
1. Price Advantage: we have the best competitive price at the market, also have the same even better quality.
2. Performance Advantage: Best Equality, high consistency, Big viewing angle, can repair each led lamps
3. Quality advantage: From material to finished product, from design to produce, we control all steps, that's the guarantee of the quality and reliability.
4. Service advantage: Better service at same situation, better cooperation at same service!

* Products list and application area:
1. Indoor full color LED display : Equally or compactly make the red, green, blue color in one dot, equally distribute at the panel, so make the whole display
2. Usually apply for physical sports, advertisement, bank, stock exchange, station, port, marketplace, telecommunication, department, school, monitor, restaurant, entertainment,
3. Full spec, such as P10, P12, P14, P16, P20, P25, P31.25 etc

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