Package Simulation Transport Vibration Test Machine

Package Simulation Transport Vibration Test Machine

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CX-8627 Simulation Transport Vibration test machine
The simulation transport vibration test machine is mainly used to testing the product package whether meets the requirements of transportation. This machine is suitable for package such as toys, electronics, gifts, china and so on. It's complied with the U.S. and European transport standard, such as EN, ANSI, UL, ASTM, ISTA etc.
1.	Operating Frequency: 100~300(rpm) ±2%
2.	Vibration Amplitude: 1inch, 25.4mm±5%
3.	Vibration Method: Rotary vibration
4.	Reference Speed: 25~60±10%(km/h)
5.	Max. load: 70kg (customized)
6.	Time Range: 0-99.99(H/M/S)
7.	Working table size: 100x120cm (customized)
8.	Dimension: 1000x1200x700mm (LxWxH)
9.	Weight: 200kg
10.	Power supply: 220v/750W
11.	Max. current: 10A

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