PCS Micro Repeater

PCS Micro Repeater

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The PCS Micro-repeater is specially applied to amplify the PCS system signal. This product is also known as 'PCS mobile phone signal amplifier', 'PCS mobile phone partner' and 'PCS mobile phone signal booster'.
This repeater in combination with unique embedded digital processing technology, have anti-jamming and self-excitation elimination functions. In various complicated application environment, the system automatically optimize equipment parameters, make system be in the best working condition without influence the indexes of base station and supply steady and reliable signal for indoor users, make users enjoy high quality individual communication service in the room.

Product Features:
1.In combination with unique embedded digital processing technology, have antenna isolation detection and self-excitation elimination those intelligent anti-jamming functions;
2.Effectively improve the coverage area signal, reduce the mobile phone transmission power, reduce mobile phone radiation to human body, prolong the working time of mobile phone battery;
3.Adopting advanced high-speed digital ALC technology effectively protect equipment and ensure the device has stable output power;
4.Uplink /downlink gain automatic balance linkage adjustment, fool installation;
5.Perfect circuit design and ingenious autonomous aluminum alloy structure design, good effect of shielding isolation, energy saving and good heat dissipation, so as to ensure the equipment long-term stable and reliable working;
6.Stable and reliable electromagnetic compatibility design, dose not interfere with other equipment;
7.With detailed LED indicator lights, stick out a mile to the working state of equipment;
8.In small and beautiful appearance, convenient installation, easy to hide.

Technical specifications:

Working frequence PCS: uplink: 1850-1910 MHz, downlink: 1930-1990 MHz

Product category Commercial broadband type

Model LT-W14-P LT-W17-P LT-W20-P LT-W23-P

Maximum output power(U/D) 10/10dBm 10/15dBm 15/20dBm 17/23dBm

Maximum gain(U/D) 60/60dB 60/63dB 65/68dB 67/70dB

The number of indoor antenna can be equipped with 1-2 root 1-3 root 1-5 root 1-8 root

Area coverage in theory 30-150m2 100-1000m2 200-1500m2 300-2000m2

Input power range <=-25dBm

Noise factor <=6dB

Ripple in the band <=5dB

Time delay <=1.5us

Automatic power control >=20dB

Standing-wave ratio (SWR) <=1.5

Third-order intermodulation <=-36dBc/30kHz

Stray emission 9KHz--1GHz: <=-36dBm/100KHz
1GHz--12.75GHz: <=-30dBm/1MHz

Joint impedance 50 ohm

RF joint SMA-K type

Power supply AC: 100v-240v DC: 6v

Power dissipation <=4W <=4.5W <=5W <=6.5W <=7.5W

Size 150×138×32mm 150×138×32mm 150×138×32mm 150×138×32 mm 150×138×32mm

Applicable environments: Household, elevator Household, Small office or villa Villa, rental house Villa, small factory or underground parking lot

Install mode: Wall hanging

Degree of protection: IP40

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