PDH Multiplexer FOM8E1

PDH Multiplexer FOM8E1

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PDH fiber optical multiplexer with STM-1 rate, two optical interfaces, which constitute 1+1 mode. The equipment can transmit 8E1 simultaneously, 1 channel 100M Ethernet and 1 NX64K V. 35.

The LCD is on the front panel, with the help of the buttons you can operate the network Both local and remote equipment. Another way is to manage by the PC.

The equipment has both external alarm input circuit and external alarm output circuit.
Output device is relay.

The power supply can both AC220V and DC-48V, and it is available for AC and DC inputs Feeding simultaneously which can work with 1+1 protection.

1 channel hotmail.

Sound and light alarm.

There are two module of FOM8E1, FOM8E1A is sold in domestic, which is called OMT240M. The optical card is stable, and the network is through COM, and the sub-rack Is gray.

There are 3 differences between FOM8E1A and FOM8E1B, the optical card is activities And support hot-plug. The second one is the sub-rack is black. The SNMP protocol Through Ethernet interface provides the network management system
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