peanut harvester 0086 15238020879

peanut harvester 0086 15238020879

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1. Model JXHS-85
Product Description
Drive: 15-20 HP Tractor
Harvest width: 85cm
Working efficiency: 2-3 Ares per hour
Weight: 280kg
Dimension: 205*103*110cm
2. Model JXHS-110
Product Description
Drive: 20-25 HP Tractor
Harvest width: 110cm
Working efficiency: 3-5 Ares per hour
Weight: 330kg
Dimension: 205*130*110cm
3. Model JXHS-165
Product Description
Drive: 50-80 HP Tractor
Harvest width: 165cm
Working efficiency: 5-9 Ares per hour
Weight: 540kg
Dimension: 295*180*135cm
4. Model JXHS-185
Product Description
Drive: 70-90 HP Tractor
Harvest width: 185cm
Working efficiency: 7-11 Ares per hour
Weight: 620kg
Dimension: 295*200*135cm
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