Peep One Erotic Drink

Peep One Erotic Drink

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NRG Drinks Ltd.
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Steinbrinkstr.203, Oberhausen, NRW, 46145, Germany
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Call: +49-152-21458062
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Birgitt Vieten
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We are producer from Germany, member of the CMA Germany & member Chambers of Commerce.Our company produce new energy drinks in high qualities and beer ( of 0.0% alc. to 12%alc.) with exclusive rights of sale .
Our aloe vera drink is available in the tastes: honey & white grape

Initial order for the exclusive rights of sale by energy drinks & Aloe vera drinks are 6000 trays a 24 cans ( approx. 2 containers) with your language printed on the cans.
By beer with exclusive rights of sale 12.000 trays a 24 cans.


ENERGY BEER ( energy drink + beer).


Please contact us  ( english language) !!!
BKD # 233
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