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Type: Manufacturer
Employees: 11-50
Area served:
  • Southeast Asia
  • Africa
Penglai Shuicheng Cast Basalt Pipe & Valve Co. Ltd. (the former Shandong Electric Power Penglai Cast Basalt Branch) which covers an area of 56,000 square meters and a construction area of 18,000 square meters, locates at the Liujiagou Industrial Park. The factory hard working more than 28 years. Our factory owns a cast basalt production line with a capacity of 15,000 tons each year and facilities with a capacity of 5,000set each year wearable valves and 20,000set each year flexible joints. Our main products: Cast basalt products, including cast basalt pipes, cast basalt tiles and cast basalt powder; cast basalt lined steel pipes; clamp-type flexible joints; wearable reject valves, including wearable gate valve ,pulverized coal valves, wearable throttles, wearable ball valves, wearable check valves, wearable expansion pieces and the like, which are chiefly used in electric power, metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemicals, and other industries.
Contact: Minhui Zhang
Phone: 860535-5637760,8613705357830

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March 9, 2017


Minhui Zhang
Penglai Shuicheng Cast Basalt Pipe & Valve Co.Ltd.
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