People likes high quality PE training equipment shooting pads

People likes high quality PE training equipment shooting pads

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HDPE Profile                                                                                             
HDPE is the abbreviation of High Density Polyethylene and it is an excellent engineering plastic.
HDPE was known by people for a step by step because it has many unique and useful properties. The density of HDPE is 0.94-0.98g/cm3. HDPE have many properties, such as high-wear-resistance,good-chemical resistance, low-temperature resistance, self-lubrication and high-impact resistance, soft and ductile, non-toxic tasteless and safety and healthy.
HDPE is widely used in industry, include the rope, woven bag, fishing nets, water pipes, non load bearing member, bollte.
The advantage of HDPE                                                                            
---High Wear-Resistance.
---Anti-Weather & Long Service time.
---Self-lubrication, It has very low friction coefficient.
---Excellent chemical & corrosion resistant.
---Superior impact resistant, Noise- absorption, Vibration-absorption
---Temperature range: -100C ~ +80C.
---Tensile Strength is high.
---Non-Toxic and Tasteless.
---Relatively low in water absorption.
---Good performance in resisting environment stress crack, 200 times of ordinary PE.
---Not easy adhesion.
---Light weight and easier to handle, easy Reprocessed.
---Low Cost, Low energy consumption.
---Does not rot, split or crack; 100% recyclable.
---Great liner material for industrial material handling
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