performance LYC-G portable oil filter machine series

performance LYC-G portable oil filter machine series

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Appearance description (Refer to above picture)                      
This filters are filled up the hudraulic lublication equiement with oil and purfy oil whenever it is needs which is easy to operate and conveniet to carry.
The coarse suction filter can not only protect oil pump but also prolong the life of mail filter.
According to different requirements,the filter precision can be selected to reach different oil rate.
1.Hydraulic lube system
2.General hydraulic oil filter system
3.Industrial filtration devices
Technical Parameter                                                                  
Model No.	
LYC-G50	LYC-G100
Rated Flow	L/min	
50	100
Rated Voltage	
 Loss of Voltage	
Pump-in filtration precision	micron	180,120,80
Pump-out filtration precision  	micron 	5,10,20
Motor Power 	kw 	0.75	1.1	2.2
 Power Supply	 V	AC380V, AC220V    
Weight 	Kg 	135	145	150
 M/C size	 mm	 900×600×1080	1000×600×1080 	1200×880×1280 

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