Periwinkle Extract 98% Vipocetine

Periwinkle Extract 98% Vipocetine

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Active Ingredient: Vinpocetine Specification: 10~99% Test Method: HPLC 
Product Name: Periwinkle extract, VinpocetineLatin Name: Vinca Minor L.
Active Ingredient: Vinpocetine Specification: 10~99% Test Method: HPLC
Color: White
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Action : Alkaloids:1. It has vasodilating, blood thinning, and memory-enhancing actions.2. It acts as a cerebral stimulant and vasodilator.3. It is used to treat arteriosclerosis.4. It is very effective in curing dementia caused due to insufficient blood supply to the brain.5. It interferes with cells' ability to synthesize DNA and RNA.
Curing Diseases : 1. It is used to treat Hodgkins and non- Hodgkins disease.2. It is used in hypertension and diabetes.3. It is used in cerebrovascular dilation.

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