PET strap production line

PET strap production line

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The new PET strap extrusion line is the most advanced technological solution in the field of PP and PET strap production, destined to the packaging of newspapers, magazines, bricks, big containers, pallets, boxes, tree logs and other industrial and commercial end uses. Semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines work very well with straps produced by our machines.
The line is conceived to offer the customers the optimum combination of quality and flexibility. The extrusion line, with a modest investment, to cover the requirements of many market sectors maintaining at the same time a high level of reliability and efficiency, not to mention the highest possible quality in the production of the finished product.
Thanks to our technology, highly tested in a great variety of applications, the extrusion line supplies a finished product which, through fully computerized process control, reaches levels of complete uniformity and quality as regards to width, thickness, weight, camber, breaking loads, elongations under load, weld ability and resistance to abrasion. The PET and PP straps produced on our lines are replacing steel straps at significant savings.
The PET extrusion line is the most flexible strap making line, at the vanguard of the world market, and no doubt meeting the most sophisticated requirements of all customers.
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