Phosphate ore crushing and grinding plant

Phosphate ore crushing and grinding plant

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1.Phosphate ore crushing euipment

When the phosphate rock breaking volume of more than 500 t / h, for such a large crushing capacity, selection of crushing equipment is not many. In medium broken equipment selection, as production capacity of hammer crusher and impact crusher is small, and hammerhead easy damaged, need to be replaced frequently; therefore, we recommend the standard cone crusher as medium broken equipment. It has features of high yield, product particle size uniformity. The host structure is reliable, with stable operation ,low noise, flexible spring system, good performance especially on the iron ore processing insurance and blocking.

In fine crushing equipment selection, although the size control of impact crusher is better, but the particle size of the feed material has high requirement and rotors need regular replacement. Suspension roller crusher for size control and the reliability are good, but the requirements of cooling water are higher and the cost is expensive. The short head cone crusher is widely used in fine crushing equipment, not only the production capacity, on the particle size of ore control, good adaptability but also at an affordable price. Considering all the factors, our factory recommends the short head cone crusher for fine crushing equipment, type PYB - 2200 when the width of discharge opening is set to 30 mm, the maximum production capacity of 590 T / h.

2.phosphate ore screening equipment

Following the " more crushing less grinding" principle, it should respectively arrange a screening equipment before the standard cone crusher and the short head cone crusher. Phosphate rock before entering into cone crusher will pass through the sieve, material ( size 15 - 200 mm ) on the sieve directly into the crusher, and material under sieve through the conveyor belt into the broken ore yard. The broken rock ( particle size of less than 60 mm ) pass through the second screening equipment, under sieve ( particle size of less than 15 mm ) as the broken product to the crushed ore yard, while the residue on sieve ( size 15 - 60 mm ) is sent to the short head cone crusher by crushing and sent to the crushed ore yard.

Our company recommends choosing YK type circular vibrating screen, the model is YK2160, its characteristics are: advanced structure, durability, low vibration noise, convenient repairment , also can shake out particles stuck in the seive mesh ,which expand screening efficiency.

3. phosphate ore grinding equipment

Our plant recommends using wet ball mill, by volumetric method to carry out the calculation, the effective volume of 93 cubic meters, two sets of wet ball mills can completely meet the requirements of 2 Mt / h phosphorite milling requirements.

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