PIN Lock Branch  with Piercing Connector

PIN Lock Branch with Piercing Connector

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Set a PCT.CC-1 consists of piercing clamp(PCT) and the standard module with pin lock branch (FCC1).

Connectors are used for temporary power take off or short circuiting. PCT.CC-1 ability to install the assembly to the line under tension without removing the insulation from the wire.

- Connector with an insulated structure getting a high mechanical and climatic resistance.

- Tap side equipped with a security stud fitted with a bayonet locking.

- Water tightness system to restore insulation , flashover resistance 6kv deeped in water.

- Easy to use and install: insulating piercing (PCT), shear head, screw never on potential, stud protected against direct contact.

Type Specification Piercing Connector
PCT.CC-1 IPC range: 6-150mm2
Branch Pin lock : 500V,63A ,
1.5-16mm2 PCT13 150/150
FCC1 500V, 63A , 1.5-16mm2 PCT series: PCT.CC-1
TTD series: TTD.CC-1
JBC series: JBC.CC-1

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