Pipe Wrench

Pipe Wrench

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Product Details

A.	Passed ISO9001 &UKAS Certification
B.	Made of Aluminium bronze/copper
C.	Highly polished
D.	Explosion-proof,Non-sparking 
E.	Anticorrosion
F.	Antifraying
G.	Surface HRC>25ยบ
H.	Tensile strength range from 75-85N/mm2
I.	Wide I-beam handle design provides better weght distribution
J.	Hardened teeth provide tremendous bite
K.	Used for turning soft iron pipes and fittings with a rounded surface
L.	Break the bolts or nuts which are rounded free
Products specifications
No.	L(mm)	L(inch)
01	200	8"
02	250	10"
03	300	12"
04	350	14"
05	150	18"
06	600	24"
07	900	36"
08	1200	48"
BKD # 207153

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