PL502030,PL503048,PL503450,3.7V Polymer Li-ion battery

PL502030,PL503048,PL503450,3.7V Polymer Li-ion battery

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Product Details

The datasheet of PL502025 
Nominal Voltage:3.7V 
Nominal Capacity:180mAh 
Minimum Capacity:175mAh 
Max Current:5.0mm*20.5mm*25.5mm 
The datasheet of PL503048 
Nominal Voltage:3.7V 
Nominal Capacity:740mAh 
Minimum Capacity:720mAh 
Max Current:5.0mm*30.5mm*48.5mm 
The datasheet of PL503450 
Nominal Voltage:3.7V 
Nominal Capacity:900mAh 
Minimum Capacity:850mAh 
Max Current:5.0mm*34.5mm*50.5mm 

PL403048 3.7V 560mAh 550mAh 60m 4.0mm*30.5mm*48.5mm 11.5g 
PL403048H 3.7V 580mAh 570mAh 60m 4.0mm*30.5mm*48.5mm 11.5g 
PL403450 3.7V 700mAh 680mAh 50m 4.0mm*34.5mm*50.5mm 14.2g 
PL451225 3.7V 95mAh 90mAh 200m 4.5mm*12.5mm*25.5mm 2g 
PL451230 3.7V 125mAh 120mAh 200m 4.5mm*12.5mm*30.5mm 2.5g 
PL302035 3.7V 180mAh 175mAh 230m 3.0mm*21.0mm*35.5mm 3.8g 
PL303048 3.7V 420mAh 410mAh 100m 3.0mm*30.5mm*48.5mm 8.5g 
PL303450 3.7V 520mAh 510mAh 50m 3.0mm*34.5mm*50.5mm 10.8g 
PL602030 3.7V 280mAh 270mAh 150m 6.0mm*21.0mm*31.0mm 5g 
PL501235 3.7V 180mAh 170mAh 200m 5.0mm*12.5mm*35.5mm 3.8g 
PL603048 3.7V 900mAh 880mAh 45m 6.0mm*30.5mm*48.5mm 17g 
PL503048 3.7V 740mAh 720mAh 45m 5.0mm*30.5mm*48.5mm 14g 
PL503040 3.7V 640mAh 620mAh 50m 5.0mm*30.5mm*40.5mm 11.5g 
PL502030 3.7V 270mAh 260mAh 180m 5.0mm*21.0mm*31.0mm 5.3g 
PL502025 3.7V 180mAh 175mAh 180m 5.0mm*20.5mm*25.5mm 3.9g 
PL501430 3.7V 175mAh 170mAh 200m 5.0mm*14.5mm*30.5mm 3.5g 
PL402025 3.7V 155mAh 150mAh 180m 4.0mm*20.5mm*25.5mm 3g 
PL402030 3.7V 185mAh 180mAh 180m 4.0mm*20.5mm*30.0mm 4g 
PL401430 3.7V 125mAh 120mAh 200m 4.0mm*14.5mm*30.5mm 3g 
PL401235 3.7V 120mAh 115mAh 200m 4.0mm*12.5mm*35.5mm 3.5g 
PL401230 3.7V 105mAh 100mAh 200 4.0mm*12.5mm*30.5mm 2.5g 
PL401225 3.7V 85mAh 80mAh 300 4.0mm*12.5mm*25.5mm 2.0g

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