Placer gold beneficiation process

Placer gold beneficiation process

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As gold content of placer gold ore is very low, it generally requires a variety of highly efficient, energy-saving equipments for separation and enrichment of gold. In various gold method, gravity separation is energy-saving, efficient, environmental protection and other mineral processing advantages , and gravity separation is extremely suitable for separating placer gold ore.

 Placer gold beneficiation process:
1. placer gold ore washing operation
Ore washing process is through sand washing machine to make the gravel, sand and clay separated, fine clay and mixed gold grains adhesion on the gravel.

2. placer gold ore screening operation
Rotary drum screen is usually adopted in screen operation, which has the advantages of sieving thoroughly, anti-blocking screen, energy saving, high efficiency and other advantages, is the ideal alluvial gold ore screening equipment. Large pieces of gravel generally don't contain gold. In order to improve the efficiency of selection, it needs to screen the washed gravel to remove large stones without gold.

3. placer gold ore gravity separation operation
Placer gold gravity separation always uses shaker, centrifugal separator, spiral chute, jigging machine. Gravity separation is the key step of placer gold beneficiation, and the process is to eliminate the most of waste, to obtain coarse gold concentrate , so the process influences the alluvial gold ore dressing index.

4. placer gold ore selected operation
 According to different types of placer gold, the process can adopt gravity separation equipments or amalgamation machines , aiming to further enhance the gold content.
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