Plastic Circular Loom

Plastic Circular Loom

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Zhejiang Tianfeng Plastic Machinery Plant


1.This machine has advanced design, reasonable structure, high capacity, small occupation, less spare parts and is easy to operate. The rotational speed of its main engine is more than 140r/min.Its weaving speed is 50%faster than the four-shuttle plastic circular loom.
2.The wheels of shuttles are drove and moved along the advanced rolling-column style to realize weaving with high speed.
3.The double curve line cam, nylon slipping block and palm slipping pole are lubricated by oil, so as to reduce the wear and tear to save the maintenance expenses.
4.Show the direction and stop automatically when the weft or warp is broken.
5.Controlled by microcomputer so as to count automatically and precisely and display digitally, the main engine adopts frequency conversion.
6.Stabilize the tension of warp and weft and have good quality and appearance of the surface of woven bag

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