Plastic Mirror Sheet

Plastic Mirror Sheet

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WeeTect plastic mirror sheet (WPMS) includes acrylic mirror sheet, polycarbonate mirror sheet and PS, PETG mirror sheet. It offers excellent mirror affection, impact resistance, and optical clarity. It is popularly used for self-adhesive mirror tiles, mirror wall tiles, mirror panels, and more. As WeeTect offer service of mirror cut to size, we can custom any shapes, sizes, thicknesses and colors you required.

With superior performance for manufacturers or companies in high-end mirror business, WeeTect plastic mirror sheet (WPMS) excels in shatterproof, impact resistance and abrasion resistance. And it also can be coated with different vivid colors. With a long life guarantee, WeeTect helps your business reduce significant costs. WeeTect plastic mirror sheet (WPMS) is applicable to products such as wall mount mirror, rolling stand mirror, sanitary stand mirror, folding mirror, ceiling tiles mirror, two way mirror, television mirror, customized mirror, and more.
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