Plate and frame diatomite filter machine

Plate and frame diatomite filter machine

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1.       Apply for
Fruit juice ,tea , carbonic acid drink , sport drink ,syrup .
Beer ,yellow wine ,liquor.
Condiment , biochemical engineering .
2.       Feature
Plate and frame diatomite filter machine can make an filtration in beer ,yellow wine , beverage ,syrup ,medicine ,chemical industry .Adoping of the diatomite and plate to filter , the turbidness degree come out from this machine will lower than 0.5EBC ,and also easy to operate .
3.       Filter principle
The machine contains several cells , each cell is made up of filter plate ,filter frame and pressboard .It is the pressboard that between filtering frame serves for filtration medium .Before it works ,you have to pump some liquor to the precoat ,that is pump the liquor mixed with diatomite to each filtering cell with pressure ,and pressure difference will be caused ,then the diatomite is adsorbed to pressboard well-distributed , and the precoat borned .When it works ,the liquor will pump to the machine first then to each cell .the pressboard will countercheck some sediment material and the limpid beer will come out .
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