Polyester staple fiber making machine

Polyester staple fiber making machine

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This line uses polyester bottle flakes or virgin chips as raw material to produce polyester fibers.

The line uses polyester bottle flakes or virgin chips as raw material to produce polyester fibers by means of melting, filtering, metering melt as well as spinning, quenching, oiling, drawing-off, feeding and filling.

The spinning line consists of:

1.1 Main production section , including

Continuous dryers, extruding, filter, spinning manifold, HTM circulation system, metering pump and its drive, spinneret, quenching system, take-up machine, and can traverse mechanism;

1.2 Auxiliary units, including Dissembling, cleaning, assembling, preheating,; testing of spinnerets; preparation of sand and finish oil; air conditioning and ventilation; physical and chemical examination.

1.3 Utilities, including Electric substation, Water supplying, compressed air system, others.

Annual output: Solid fiber: 12000 t/a ( 1.67 dtex)

Hollow fiber: 10000t/a (7.78 dtex)

Fiber types: regular fiber , hollow fiber, solid fiber ,colored fiber

Spinning positions: 16

Spinning pitch: 650 mm

Specifications for spinneret : Size : 328mm

Specification for metering pump :70 cc/r

Mechanical speed for spinning line : 500-1500m/min

Processing speed for spinning line: 500-1300m/min

Max. Mechanical speed for processing line: 260m/min ( based on the third draw stand )

Max. Processing speed for processing line: 220 m/min

Max. draft denier:180×104 dtex

Number of cans collected: 44

Package weight: 250 kg

Size of fiber cans (l×b×h): 1550mm×1550mm×2200mm

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