Polysorbate/Tween 20 60 80

Polysorbate/Tween 20 60 80

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Tween (Polysorbate) is a class of emulsifiers and is oily liquids derived from ethoxylated sorbitan (a derivative of sorbitol) esterified with fatty acids.

Tween Application
Tween 20 can be used as emulsifier, dispersant, wetting agent and stabilizer in mineral oil, dye, cosmetics.
Tween 60 can be used as o/w emulsifier, dispersant, stabilizer for food, medicine, cosmetics, textile, water-based paint manufacturing.
Tween 80 can be used as emulsifer in food and as surfactant in cosmetics; in the production of polyurethane foam used as a stabilizer and auxiliary blowing agent; in synthetic fibers can be used as antistatic agent; in photographic film used as wetting agent and dispersing agent.

Package, Storage & Transportation
The product must be placed in clean, dry and ventilative warehouse. Don't storage it together with toxical or peculiar smell substances. Complied with the standard storage, the period of validity is 2 years.

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