portable shot blasting machine

portable shot blasting machine

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This  new DISA product, the portable shot blasting machines , are mainly used to remove paint,pitch and floating oil and clean highways, airport runways, ship board,oil tank and bridges and other large asphalt surfaces.It is designed in an innovative way, since for the first time it adapts special separating system of pollutants. Besides the turbine we use is standard and therefore the spare parts have a very low cost.The principle benefits of this innovative system are the increase the life span and reduced maintenance costs. It is electrically-powered,self-propelled and offers variable travel speed control to provide a consistent blast pattern. The concrete dust is recovered by a powerful dust collection system.The machine is designed to remove paint strip from 200 to 1200mm wide and to be dust free. The dust collector removes pulverized abrasive, dust and contaminants. Very little abrasive is lost and the usable media is returned to the storage hopper for recirculation by the blast wheel
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