Potassium soap soft soap

Potassium soap soft soap

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Product Name: Soft Soap/Potassium Soap
Chemical Name: 3,4,5-Trihydroxybenzoic Acid
Physical and Chemical Properties:
Soft soap is yellowish white, yellowish brown or yellowish green, transparent or translucent, uniform, slimy soft block. It has a faint special foul-smelling, good stability in alkaline medium. It is easily dissolved in water or ethanol.

Soft soap is an anionic surfactant with the function of wetting, osmosis, emulsification, dispersion, solubilization, foaming, decontamination, etc.
1.it can be used in wall putty as the function of lubrication and increment
2.It can be used to clean cars or other paint surfaces.After washing, the surface is very clean and bright.
3.It can be used as foaming agent and release agent in latex industry and in agricultural industry.
4.It is used as flatting agent, dispersing agent and stabilizing agent in coating, carpet glue, spackling paste, etc.
5.It is used in sponge, making the sponge fluffy, soft and durable.
6. It has the function of emulsifying and cleaning in ocean liner, freighter, boat and its deck.
7.It has the lubricating property and can be used as realease agent to demould in ceramic factory and gypsum factory, etc.

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