powder packing machine

powder packing machine

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Technical Specifications: 

1. Name:Automatic side sealing powder packing machine

2. Model:GH240F 

3. Article:Powder 

4. Range of measure: 0-50ml 

5. Measuring Method: Auger 

6. Size of bag: L50-150mm W40-120mm 

7. Capacity: 40-60 bags/min 

8. Control style: PLC control system + English Interface 

9. Material of Auger: Stainless steel 

10. Power supply: AC 380V 50Hz/AC 220V 50Hz 

11. Weight: 165kg 

12. Diemension: 600mm*600mm*1600mm 

13. Material of bag/Film:Paper/polyethylene;cellophane/polyethylene; 
plated aluminum/polyethylene;BOPP/polyethylene;nylon/polyethylene 

14. Sealing style: 3-side sealing/4-side sealing 


Automatically measuring volume, making bags, filling, sealing, cutting, printing the lot number and cutting easy tearing notch.It can be used to pack powder,like milk powder,flour,soybean powder,medicine powder,etc.

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