pre galvanized hollow pipe

pre galvanized hollow pipe

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As we all know, the burr is one of the common phenomena occurring in metal cutting. Our company has professional pipe cutting machines for deburring. The saw blade is replaced on a regular basis, in order to make the better square cutting effect. Specifically,
We adopts square cut( fast cutting) to make a pipe end treatment, no burrs, clean end;
As a result of blunt edge treatment, round steel pipe looks like much thicker as per your specific requirements.
We have advanced equipment and specific devices for an effective treatment of late processing of pipes.

In the actual procurement process, some customers may tend towards a high level requirement of pipe body in certain specific applications. Nevertheless, in the vegetable greenhouse construction field, there seems not too strict requirements of the flatness of the pipe. For example, with reference to the common black round pipe, we are always ready to offer the late tube straightening processing services. The difference before and after the tube straightening is less than 1.5mm per meter.

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