Prestess Concrete Pipe

Prestess Concrete Pipe

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Prestressed concrete pipe pile is a kind of slender hollow cylindrical precast concrete component. Its main function is transfer the load of structures to the foundation ,to meet all kinds of project requirement. For this reason ,prestressed concrete pipe pile as the basis of the structure are widely used in construction, bridge girder,port,offshore engineering and other field.

Prestressed concrete pipe pile uses the pretensioned prestressed technology and centrifugal forming method technology, according to the concrete strength grade can be divided three classes:
1. High strength prestress concrete pipe pile (PHC pile)
2. Prestressed concrete pipe pile (PC pile)
3. Prestressed concrete thin-wall pipe pile (PT pile)

As a general rule,PHC pile concrete strength grade are no less than C80 ,PC pile and PTC pile concrete strength degree are no less than C60.According to the pipe pile flexural performance and preloading stress effectively can be divided A ,AB,B,C four type .IF According to the ODs thickness can be divided ten different thickness (300 ~ 1200).

Pipe pile production main equipment:
1 Automatic batching system
2 Traveling crane
3 Cage weave machine
4 Autoclaved kettle
5 Centrifuge
6 Pipe pile mold,
7 Heading machine
8 Cutting machine
9 Hoop molding machine

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