Price of liquid silicone rubber for candle mold making

Price of liquid silicone rubber for candle mold making

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Yijiasan RTV Liquid silicone rubber can be used for the molds making of Plaster, Concrete, PU,Gypsum ,Artificial stone , GRC  , Resin,plastic toys,lost Wax,Soap,Candle,Architectual decoration etc.
RTV-2 silicone rubber component A is white flowing liquid and component B is the curing agent. For example, take silicone rubber of 100g and add 2% curing agent for mixing evenly. After the silicone rubber and the curing agent are completely mixed, put the silicon into a vacuum machine for deairing to remove the bubbles. After deaired, pouring the liquid silicone rubber into the product to be duplicated or into the mold frame.

Characteristics of silicone liquide for mould making
1.) Amazing fluidity and easy to operate
2.) Delicate design available
3.)  Non Oily
4.)  Non-toxic and odorless catalyst Provided
5.) Easy de-molding
6.) Excellent tension and tear strength
7.) High performance in duplication
8.) almost nil shrinkage below0.1
9.) Excellent resistance to weather, temperature, aging, acid & aging-Proofing.

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