PRTV anti-flashover coating for insulator

PRTV anti-flashover coating for insulator

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PRTV outside power equipment insulates with takes shape permanence anti flashover compound coating
PRTV outside power equipment insulates with takes shape permanence anti flashover compound coating, is a kind of electrical power system uses the new electrical function material, it is specially for the electrical network and each round, loses, uses electricity the customer to be lasting eliminates the equipment flashover thoroughly the hidden danger then to design, It is developed jointly by the North China electric power academy of science with our company successfully. The product has the unique chemical composition and the structure, achieved and surpasses the heat vulcanization silicon rubber physics electrical specification, Overall performance and so on more outstanding water repellency nature, as well as 20 years design service life has provided a kind of new technical measure for the electric porcelaneous equipment permanence counter- dirt.
1. Product Execution Qualification
This uses the North China electric power group company standard "Outside the Power equipment To insulate with Takes shape the Permanence Anti flashover the Compound Coating (PRTV) To use Leads Then", With Hebei silicon valley chemical industry limited company standard Q/HGH 019-2004 Outside PRTV Power equipment Insulates with Takes shape Permanence Anti flashover Compound Coating" to organize the product the production and the construction.
2. Range of application
This product mainly uses in the electrical power system transformer substation and the transmission line insulator, the power plant and the electric power user changes outside the electricity equipment as well as other electrical equipments insulates lastingly anti flashover . After the porcelain (or glass) the insulator uses this product, Forms the porcelain (or glass) the skeleton complex effect, Enhances one kind of standardized disposition plan which outside the power transformer equipment insulates. Is suitable in alternating and direct circuit system rated voltage 1~750kV, Environment Temperature -50c~ +50c, Under the contamination condition moves outside the transformer substation and the impractical transmission line equipment insulates antifouling, Prevention flashover, Enhances the equipment outside to insulate the rank.
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