PTFE sewing Threads

PTFE sewing Threads

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PTFE fiber
1. PFTE is the best fiber in the aspect of chemistry resistance in the world, which is abstracted by fluorin stone. China is the biggest fluorin production place in the world.
2. its melting point is 327C, instant temperature reach to 300C.
3. PTFE fiber has good anti- abrasion, difficult combustibility, and good heat insulation.
4. It can endure oxidizing and corrupting by all kinds of strong oxides and with no hydrolysis at all.
5. Mostly applied in waste incinerator .in the future it will applied in burning high sulfur industry conditions.
6. Good filtration efficiency and easily dedusting capability. Even in the high temperature condition, the surface will adhere few dust.
7. In the same industry condition, the working life will improve 1-3 times.
8. Good price quality. With enlargement of consumption, the cost will reduce to a good price position.
Density 1000den 1250den 1500den 2000den
Breaking Force 40N 46N 56N 85N
Titre 400-360
Tensile Strength >4.0g/den or 36CN/Tex
Heat Resistance -210C 60C
Shrinkage(200C/15min) <3%
Length per Kg(m) 9000 7200 6100 4500
Material 100%PTFE
color white

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