pumpkin powder

pumpkin powder

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Spray dried from the pumpkin puree, equality and free following powdered products, a little agglomeration is allowed. It provides the maximum color and flavor of fresh pumpkin, more convenient for using than the fresh pumpkin.
Pumpkin puree, Malto Dextrin

Functional properties or advantages and benefits:
Choose the Japanese pumpkin planted in Sinkiang, China, where best adapt to plant the pumpkin because of abundant in sunshine and less rain water all year, abundant in more nutrition than the other kinds of pumpkin. It is a kind of nourish product with low fat and salt, without sucrose and is especially good to diabetics.

Applicable scopes:
It is natural and solid fruit and vegetable seasoning, applicable to all kinds of foods area, its dosage is based upon your recipe.
BKD # 231
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