PVC Food Garde Twist Wrap film

PVC Food Garde Twist Wrap film

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PVC Non-Toxic Film Twist wrap Film (Food Grade)

Confectionery industry with increasing market of packaging for food and other confectionary products, market is also facing a shortage for suitable type of packaging material that is economic cost wise and ecologically safe for food contact applications with effortless processing. That is where our PVC Non-toxic Food Grade Films comes in. With constant R & D, keeping insight end consumer application, we have developed Non-toxic PVC Film for different applications suiting to consumer needs, PVC twist wrap film is available in different grades like hand twist, Machine twist for different speeds

Basic characteristics of our PVC Non-toxic Films (Food Grade):

1)Static Free : All polymers have a tendency to gain static charge when it goes through converting process this problem is seen highest in PVC films. Our Films show no static behavior and can be operated at high speeds.
2)Outstanding Retention Of Twist : Appropriate for Twist Wrap machines working at high speeds of even 2000 candies per minute.  The Film does not looses its twist during the process for packing as well as during rough movements in transit
3)Excellent Printability : No surface treatment required and is easily printable on Roto Gravure as well as Flexo machines
4)Cost Effective : Most economic with comparison to other films like Cellophane, CPP, BOPP, Polyester, etc.
5)Cold Twist : No hot air or any kind of heating arrangement required for twisting purpose.  Hence adding to its cost effectiveness.
6)Strength :With high tensile and tear strength in both MD and TD, our films can withstand toughest handling in Twist Wrap machines upto 2000 twist/min.
7)Non-Toxicity : Certified Non Toxic Food Grade by Central Food & Technical Research Institute (Mysore), IIP and meets stringent standards of FDA.
8)Other Processes :Our film can also be metallized easily.

Thickness: 22 to 30 microns or as required 
 Maximum width: Upto 1000 mm
 Color: Available in clear transparent, colored & opaque White, and any other shades according to customer requirement.
BKD # 206010

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