PVC Glossy Stretch Ceiling Film

PVC Glossy Stretch Ceiling Film

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Product Details

Item No.: DYS1302104 
Material: PVC  
Width: 1.8m-5m  
Weight: 266gsm 
Thickness: 0.18mm   
Package: 50 X 2Mtr kiss laminated packing 
Fire Proof: B1  
Certificate: ISO9001:2008, CE
Usage: for ceiling and walls decoration  
Testing Results: 

1. Anti-flame:
a. NFPA701 
b. GB8624-2006

a. ISO 105B02-2000     grade 7-8;
b. AATCC186 (Anti-QUV) grade 4.

3. Anti-mould and Anti-bacteria:
a. ASTM G21-96;
b. AATCC100;
c. GB1741-1989.

4. Pro-environment:
a. EN71-3 ;
b. ASTM-F963;
d. ROHS;
e. GB1741-1989;
BKD # 575880

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