PVC Print Lamination Film

PVC Print Lamination Film

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PVC Print  Lamination Films:
 During the 1980s The Print lamination industry in India was forced to buy their requirement of lamination film at an exorbitant price from BOPP and Polyester film manufacturers. Our pioneering effort in this field led to development of PVC Print Lamination Film as a cost effective substitute without compromise in quality and application. 
 Today we are proud to say that we are not only the leading but also the largest manufacturers of PVC Print lamination Film in India producing 250 Mt Tons/ Month. Our constant R&D strict quality controls in this field have enabled us to produce high quality films for various applications. Our PVC films have been accepted all over India by the Print lamination industries as a cost-effective solution to BOPP and Polyester films. The PVC lamination film is available in, 15,10,8,7,6,5 & 4 microns thickness. Infact we are the only company in India to be able to consistently produce 4-micron thickness film for Brown paper lamination.
At present we are supplying film all over India through a network of distributors and dealers and also directly to bulk consumers and some of the most renowned packaging companies 
    General Detail For PVC Print Lamination Film.

Sizes:   Available in all different sizes upto (1000 mm)

* Physical and mechanical Properties.  Our PVC Print Lamination Film has high  Gloss, shine, excellent clarity to give an appealing look to the substrate after  lamination. It has high strength to withstand high tension of handling on lamination machines and imparts toughness to substrate after lamination.

* Bonding:  Excellent bonding to substrate with minimum adhesive spread as compared to other films for same application as no Corona treatment is required in PVC Film which again adds to cost effectiveness.

* Quality Assurance: It leaves high gloss /shine after lamination. Absolute flat, uniform gauge all through out and wrinkle free film with nil Core wastage & effortless processability on lamination machines.

Coverage Chart
     Microns          Coverage/kg. 

10	71 Sq. Mts.
8	95 Sq. Mts.
7	105 Sq. Mts.
6	125 Sq. Mts.
5	135 Sq. Mts.
4              150 Sq. Mts.
BKD # 206011

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