PW-507S battery operated smoke detector

PW-507S battery operated smoke detector

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Ningbo Hi-Tech Park Peasway Electronic Technology
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Product Details

Smoke alarm; 
1.9V Battery smoke alarm; 
2.High sound 85dB(3m) smoke alarm; 
3.Test button; 
4.Low battery alarm; 

PW-507S Stand-alone photoelectric smoke alarm is under BSI approval, and can be calibrated into either UL, VDS, NF Standards. It features UL-approved Photoelectric sensing components with precise smoke detection. and long life (18 months) 9V battery operation (9V UltralifeLithium battery model for 10-year life is available too).

9V Power Supply, Meets CE, RoHS and EN14604

Power supply: 9V DC Block battery/PP3
Quiescent current: 8uA
Alarm current:16mA
Alarm decibel: 85dB/3m
Sensitivity standard: EN14604
Age limit of battery:  2 to 5years(It varies with different types of battery)
Temperature: -10 to +40 degrees Celsius
Low battery Alarm
High and stable sensitivity
5 years limited quality guarantee

Ningbo Hi-Tech Park Peasway Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is one leading professional manufacturer of fire and security alarm products, including smoke detector, co detector, gas detector, heat detector, water detector, etc. more information, please contact with us now.
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