PW-918 9V Battery Powered CO alarm complying with EN50291

PW-918 9V Battery Powered CO alarm complying with EN50291

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CO alarm 
1.Electrochemical co alarm 
2.EN50291 co alarm 
3.Test/Hush Button,fault signal warning 
4.Low Battery Alarm 

CO alarm is used to detect the CO.

This Stand- alone CO alarm could be one of the most advanced designs in detection Carbon Monoxide using NEMOTO.Battery powered models last long life (exceeds 3-year period and up to 5-years), PW-918 co detector is the perfect choice for detecting dangerous CO poisoning. Various power input can be manufactured according to customer's special request for PW-918 co detector.


1.Sensor Type: Electrochemical co detector;

2. Non-radioactive technology for environmental friendly co detector;
3.Power Supply: 9V DC BLOCK Carbon or Alkaline Battery/PP3;
4.Standby Current: 10uA;
5.Alarm Current: 23mA;
6.Operation Temperature: 0°- 50°;
7.Low battery warning;

8.Fault signal warning;
9.Self-Test Button to verify operation;

10.With quick fix mounting bracket for easy installation;
11.Silence function with dual led indicator;
12.CO detector Sensitivity meets EN50291 or UL2034;
13.Alarm Sound Level: >85dB at 10 feet (3m);
14.Easy to install, move and maintain;
15.Five years limited warranty for the CO-sensing;

Ningbo Hi-Tech Park Peasway Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is one leading professional manufacturer of fire and security alarm products, including smoke detector, co detector, gas detector, heat detector, water detector, etc. more information, please contact with us now.
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