Quartz Sand Production Line With Capacity 80-120 TPH

Quartz Sand Production Line With Capacity 80-120 TPH

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Quartz Sand Production equipments

Jiansu Zhongob quartz sand production line is mainly consisit of the vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, quartz sand finely machine (sand making machine), vibrating screen, belt conveyor and other equipment. According to the different technical requirements, various types of equipment combinations can meet our customers' process requirements. The device is characterized by advanced production technology, reasonable structure, convenient operation , compared with the traditional production process, without water, without seasonal effects, not drying, without the loss of raw materials, finished products, saving electricity 50% , 60% of the labor, saving 70% of the maintenance costs . As the machine adopts vacuum production, and combining of winnowing and screening method for classification, there is little contact of raw materials in the crushing process, and the finished product contain low iron , clear particle size. The physical targets are met or exceeded the national standard. 
Our quartz sand production line is a new type of energy consumption, small noise, pollution-free ,environment-friendly products ,which advantages are: small investment, high yield, good quality and low cost. The best choice for the production of refined quartz sand.

Quartz sand is made of natural quartz ore by crushing, screening, washing and other processing . Quartz sand (powder) production process can be divided into two modes of production dry and water , a variety of conventional specifications :6-10M,10-20M,20-40M, 40-80M 80-120M, 120M, 200M, 260M,325M, 600M. In addition, may process special specifications according to customers request, required particle size distribution is generally also can be processed.

Quartz rock crushing plant

Quartz rock preliminary broken by rough crusher, then the crude material by belt conveyors to the fine crusher for further crushing, crushing stone into the circular vibrating screen and screening out two kinds of stones. If to meet the Sand feed grainthe degree of stones into the sand making sand, another part return back into the fine broken. The satisfied products are sent into the sand making machine , a part of which are made into sand, then to sand washing machine (optional) , and another part into the sand making machine is broken again.
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