Ramimtech Repair strip EP 160, fabric reinforced

Ramimtech Repair strip EP 160, fabric reinforced

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Ramimtech Repair strip EP 160, fabric reinforced is ideal for the repair of puncture or gouge damage to the conveyor belt as well as longitudinal rips. Fabric reinforcement provides longer term security over our standard strip. It's needed to be used with SK811 cold vulcanizing adhesive.

1.Suit for small injuries. Save the cost of replacement or hot splicing of the conveyor belt. 
2.Cold cure conveyor belt repair strip & patches that are available for longitudinal, lateral injuries, damaged edges, holes, gouges and impact breaks.
3.Ramimtech repair strips & patches can vulcanize at room temperature.
4.It's useful in reducing break down time of the conveyor. Repairs are therefore possible in onsite.
5.Cold repair materials are specially developed for application on almost all grades of Conveyor Belts, except for hot material and food stuffs handling belts.
6.Best Performance for industrial belt, rubber belt, ply belt, fabric belt, steel cord belt. Etc.

Thickness(mm)	Width(mm)	Length(mm)
3.6	70	10000
3.6	100	10000
4.6	150	10000
4.6	220	10000
4.8	300	10000
4.8	400	10000
BKD # 619201
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