Ramimtech Repair strip V-quality

Ramimtech Repair strip V-quality

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Ramimtech Repair strip V-quality is cold bond splicing materials for conveyor belt.

V quality repair strip is Flame-Resistant and self extinguishs,ideal for the repair of puncture or gouge damage to the conveyor belt as well as longitudinal rips. 
It's needed to be used with SK811 cold vulcanizing adhesive with hardener.

1. Allows the belt to be back in service in a matter of hours.
2. The repair may last as long as the original belt remains in service.
3. with CN-bonding layer.
4. Repair strips are available in various widths

Item No.	Thickness(mm)	Width(mm)	Length(mm)
315232	2.2	70	10000
315233	2.2	100	10000
315234	3.2	150	10000
315235	3.2	220	10000
315236	3.4	300	10000
315237	3.4	400	10000
BKD # 619210

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