Raymond mill in titanium dioxide production

Raymond mill in titanium dioxide production

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Raymond mill grinding titanium dioxide process:
Since the cooling kiln , crude products of titanium dioxide are vertically transported by the elevator to the storage hopper, then by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder directly added into raymond mill body, and pass between the grinding wheel and the annular gasket. The crushed materials are air flow out, in the upper separator separating coarse particles are returned to the grinding of grinding zone.

The fineness of finished products can be obtained by adjusting the blowing air volume and analyzer speed control. The ground titanium dioxide with the airflow enter into the cyclone separator, the separated titanium dioxide are unloading from lower star-shaped feeder, air through blower return back to bottom of raymond mill , which forms a closed circulation .

If a cyclone separator is not up to the requirements, can be installed in two stage cyclone separator or in series with cloth bag dust collector. As Raymond Mill are accompanied by internal analysis machine, compared with other dry mechanical grinding ,the titanium products have much less coarse particles. In addition, Raymond mill has the advantages of less pollution, high yield, energy saving, therefore the raymond mill is worldwide used for rutile primary crushing and anatase secondary crushing.

But with the general raymond mill production, there are two problems:
1 yield is low;
2.parts of the equipment damaged by frequent.
According to raymond problems, analysis of the reasons as following:
1.air leakage of the system. Due to large viscosity of titanium dioxide powder, when pipeline flange and lock valve seal lax ,and catch wind , it is likely to cause plug, difficult to flow powder,or even not.
2. stud bolt connecting the host shell and a base fracture. 
3. Raymond roller running strong impact,vibration,causing severe host shell shatterd

In order to solve the above-mentioned problems, our company puts forward the following measures for improvement, optimizing our raymond mill structure:
1.Thickening equipment base rubber washer, buffer body longitudinal vibration.
2.Adopting artificial leather or cloth as the soft connection between casing and analyzer to alleviate the casing cracking caused by vibration and the swing of the shear force to prevent bolt fracture.
3. Adding spiral discharging device.
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