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1U Compact Slim Rackmount Chassis with 4Drive bays, 
support Mini-ITX motherboard, and up to 520W ATX power supply

AICSYS ingenious design of RCK-104M, the 1U slim Compact Rackmount Chassis with short depth of 455mm for space critical environment, especially suitable for the system integration of security, Firewall Server, Proxy Server, Surveillance network, VPN, and Gateway system etc. The flexibility and rugged design enables deployment across a wide spectrum of industries that demand longevity and robust computing performance. The RCK-104M proves to be a perfect choice for sub-racks and short rack cabinets.  

AICSYS' 1U 4 Drive bays slim chassis for RCK-104M is mechanically designed for the short depth of 455mm which gives consideration to short dimension and a superior heat dissipation up to SIX cooling fans (4cm) protecting from overheating and malfunctions caused by heat of a system. It is a compact slim chassis could incorporates ATX computing power supply up to 520W with more versatile functions in Four HDD Mobile Racks for 3.5" or 2.5" SATA hard drives and ONE 2.5" internal space for SSD or HHD to expand your data acquisition storage capacity. System Integrator could take advantage of the expandable storage design for numerous applications that often requires HDD replacement. The supported Mini-ITX motherboard for CPU core i3/i5/i7 processor is ideal for Industrial automation in critical application for controlled automation, vision and video analytics etc. RCK-104M is made of heavy-duty steel of SECC 1.0mm, it provides the long term durability and tolerance to vibration, dust, harsh temperature working condition, and the protection of unforeseeable damage from outside force. Thus it proves to be a reliable chassis in various hazardous condition. These are just few of attractive features for RCK-104M configurations.

AICSYS Inc is an IPC manufacturer based in Taiwan, we specialized in OEM/ODM project and System Integration services. Quality, Innovative design, and reliable computing solution are the core values of AICSYS Inc commitment to our customers. We have the superior design and technical team at your service to create the best solution and market know-how for your projects to secure the next business deal.

Product Features:
-Heavy-duty steel construction with only 455 mm in depth
-Support Mini-ITX motherboard
-Support motherboard with onboard SAS port (with optional SAS cable)
-Support 1U up to 520W ATX power supply
-(2) 4cm ball-bearing cooling fans and optional four more fans
-(4) 3.5" or 2.5" SATA HDD mobile racks
-(1) 2.5" space for SSD or HDD
-(2) Front USB 3.0 ports
-PCIe x16 riser card
BKD # 752525
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