Red Ginseng Facial Mask Pack

Red Ginseng Facial Mask Pack

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Red Ginseng I.C.E 6.6 facial mask sheet gives a feeling of vivification and vitality to the skin by containing herb extract additives such as Red Ginseng Saponin, Ginkgo Extract, Licorice and Hyaluronic acid Phtyo collagen, Phyto moisturizing products .Highly concentrated Red Ginseng mask sheet which its excellent anti-oxidation effect of the Red Ginseng Saponin ingredient prevents the skin roughness as well as soothes skin trouble and supplies abundant nutritive and water (moisture) into the deep skin with an excellent affinity for the skin.

The Characteristic and advantage of this product
-Moisturize the skin
-Excellent Anti-oxidation Effect of the Red Ginseng Saponin
-Prevention of the skin roughness
-Soothing of the problem skin
-Brighten your skin
-Activate the skin cell

Active Ingredients
-Red Ginseng Saponin, Phyto Collagen
-Amino Coat, Panthenol, Kava Kava
-Allantoin, Gingko Extract, D.P.G

How to use

After you care your skin with skin toner, take out sheet and stick mask completely to your face and then rest about 15~20 minutes.
It would be much better if you put on Red Ginseng intensive essence before using the mask.

Country of Origin-Korea
Brand name: Misian

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