Refrigerant Gas R415b with Cylinder packing

Refrigerant Gas R415b with Cylinder packing

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Product Name:	Mixed Refrigerant R415B
:	Molecular formula	R22/R152A
constitute	chlorodifuoromethane/Difluoroethane
Molecular Weight	70.20
Boiling Point ,°C	-26.72
Critical Temperature ,°C	124
Critical Pressure Mpa,	4.768
GWP	0.10
ODP	0.01

Quality Index:	Purity, %	99.8
Moisture, PPm	10
Acidity, PPm	0.1
Vapor Residue, PPm	100
Appearance	Colorless, No turbid
Odor	no strange stench

Packing:	Disposable cylinder 26.5lb/12kg; Recyclable cylinder 926L;
Application:	Retrofitted refrigerant for R12.
BKD # 622335

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