ring rolling machine

ring rolling machine

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Zhucheng Shengyang Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a high-technology enterprise, which specializes in research & development & manufacture for Ring Rolling Machine. After several years' innovation and development, our company has established a complete set of rigorous management system and perfect marketing network, which consists of technical development and lot manufacturing, quality control and market planning. " Basing on Ring Rolling, Serving for Forging" is our target. Welcome to visit our website www.syjixie.com to get more information.

     We have developed and manufactured D51A, D51B, D52 and D53K series of Ring Rolling Machine which include more than 40 specifications. D51A & D51B series of vertical type Ring Rolling Machine have advantages of small volume and compact structure and saving material and power and so on, which also widely used for hot rolling of ringlike blank in bearing forging and auto gear and flange manufacture industry. D52 & D53K series of CNC horizontal type Ring Rolling Machine have the following advantages: advanced structure, numerical programme control, high automation degree and productivity and saving material and power and so on. Especially D53K CNC Ring Rolling Machine, it can roll rings simultaneously in radial and axial direction and is the ideal equipment of processing large scale seamless rings, which has been widely used in spaceflight, aviation, ship, petrochemical industry and power industry and so on.
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