RK308 PIR Curtain Detector

RK308 PIR Curtain Detector

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RK308 PIR Curtain Detector

RK308 Dual Sensor Curtain Motion Detector has been designed special for residential environments. It has strong ability to catch signal and the false & lost alarm rate is low, low power consumption and true temperature compensation, high technology and smart manufacture and elegant appearance, stable performance and long use life. Special lenses design for full orientation. Equipped with RA93 swivel bracket for easy wall or ceiling mounting.

Main Features:
1. Coverage is 13M
2. Dual Passive Infrared Detective Technology
3. Microprocessor Design improves False Alarm Immunity
4. True Temperature Compensation
5. Dual Polarity Pulse Count is Adjustable
6. Resist Interference of white Light
7. Power Consumption is Low
8. High RFI Immunity for False Alarm Prevention(25V/m --1GHz)
9. Professional Optical Pigmented Lenses
10. Installed on Wall & Ceiling/Corner Mounting
11. Suitable to Swivel Brackets
12. Convenient for Installation
13. Pulse Count is Selectable
14. Resist Fluorescent Interference
15. Memory and Form-C Relay

1. Operating Voltage:9-16VDC
2. Current:15mA
3. Contacts of Alarm: NC, 12VDC, 100mA max
4. Contacts of Tamper:NC, 12VDC, 100mA max
5. Time to Alarm:2.2s
6. Time to Warm-up:2 minutes
7. RFI characteristic:25V/m at 10Mhz to 1Ghz
8. Operating Temperature:-10DC to 50DC
9. Storage Temperature:-20DC to 60DC
10.Size: 95*65*28mm

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