Rod Mill

Rod Mill

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Rod mill get its name by grinding body steel rod, typically using a wet overflow type, can be used as level 1 open circuit grinding. It is widely used in artificial sand stone, ore dressing plant, chemical plant power sector level grinding. Also widely used in metal and nonmetal mines ,water conservancy, building materials department grinding all kinds of ores and rocks.

Rod Mill Working Principle

The rod mill rely on the stick pressure and grinding stripping force to grind ore. When the rob strike ore,coarse-grained ore are firstly broken , and then grind the smaller mineral particles. The rod lines contact with another rod. Ball and ball is point contact, so when the rod rise, rotating along the cylinder wall , it clips coarse grain, similarly act as screen to make the fine slit through the bar, which will also help clip break coarse-grained and concentrate coarse-grained ore in the grinding media. Therefore, the rod mill has selective grinding effect, more uniform product granularity, less over-crush phenomenon.

Rod Mill Process Features
1.Saving Power
Compare with the old type of device to save power for more than 40%.
2.Particle size is more uniform, higher yields
Using advanced controllable inlet of the material rod mill technology, combined with the actual users's abrasive material to select suitable grinding media.
3.Adjustable material fineness 
Built-in fineness control device, discharging and screening devices, the two checks to ensure that neither excessive wear and not leave the substandard products into the finished product.
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