Roll and Shear Metal Tube Former

Roll and Shear Metal Tube Former

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The features of roll-and-shear metal tube former:
Be adapted with hydraulically roll-and-shear cutting which makes cutting edges
smoothly and without burrs. Process is no sparks and noises, even safety.
Be adapted with fixing finalized mold which makes the dimensions of ducting precisely
and unitely, also process is even stable and speedy.
Exchanging different sizes molds, then will be convenient for adjusting spiral angle,
being adapted with automatic way for better agility and precision.
Be adapted with hydraulic pressure system for achieving feeds, locking, cutting,
turn-down movements, etc.
Running for material package
It will run after the hydraulic pressure has pressed the materials. Be flexible for
adjusting pressure which ensures quality of ducting according to different materials,
thickness and dimension
Carrying out locking
Be adapted with manostat for controlling occluded which assures the quality of seaming.
Collocating of hydraulic pressure system, using with energy saving, safety and easy-going measures, etc.
a. Hydraulic pressure adapts constant power variable axial piston pump for energy
b. Overfall valve, reductor valve for ensuring stable system pressure.
c. Add-in accumulator, reduces ripple controlling of hydraulic pressure system for
even stable.
d. Be adapted with two-way throttle valve which makes movement parts for easy adjust

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