roofing tile Corrugated Bituminous Sheet

roofing tile Corrugated Bituminous Sheet

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Corrugated Bituminous Sheet, bitumen roofing sheet, corrugated bitumen sheets
KRS corrugated bituminous sheet is a bitumen-impregnated, highly resistant organic fibre. Details Places of Use For waterproofing purposes on roofs with a minimum slope of 9% on any steel, wooden or reinforced concrete construction. Surface Preparation Corrugated bitumen roof sheet pallets must be stored in roofed-over spaces. If the pallets have to be stored outdoors for a long period of time, then they must be covered with a protective layer in order to protect them against the sunlight. A pallet contains 350 sheets.

Corrugated Bitumen Sheets
Corrugated bitumen sheets, one of the most affordable solutions for roofing and wall paneling, have been in use all over the world for decades. Cost-Effective, maintenance free, high laying performance, long life, low- weight and durable under all conceivable climatic conditions.

The upper layers of the sheet are saturated during production with color and resins, because of which the possibility of subsequent peeling-off of the color is eliminated. The sheets reveal the true intensity of their coloration only after a certain time on the roof. Owing to the natural oxidation of the bitumen on the surface, the sheets become lighter and thus brighter.
In order to guarantee a uniform quality, bitumen corrugated sheets are continuously quality-monitored and tested by the MPA of the TH Karlsruhe.
High stability with low weight
KRS bitumen corrugated sheets, thanks to the patented multi-layer structure, have a very high stability, and at the same time, a low weight.

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